Digital Dentistry: Intra Oral Scanner

Cutting Edge Technology: Intra Oral Scanner 

  • A Safe and Stress-free Way to Create Lasting Impressions
  • No More Gaging, Choking or Messy Impressions

Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice [Private & NHS Dentist in Guildford] is dedicated to providing our patients with the best level of care. That’s why we’re a market leader in dentistry in Guildford. To do this, we are constantly thinking of new ways to enhance the patient experience while in the surgery.


One of the tools we’ve purchased to make our target your reality is an intra oral scanner. Equipped with small scanners, we can use this non-invasive and accurate methodology to produce 3-dimensional imagery of your teeth. Whether you require implants, braces, splints, or dentures, we will ensure the impression is individually tailored to your needs.

How Does An Intra Oral Scanner Work?

Intra oral scanners use the tiny cameras on the edge of the device to create a 3D image of your dental anatomy in a matter of minutes. It does this by capturing several images once the tips of the scanner are placed on the surface of your teeth.

With the image, we can produce models of your mouth that are incredibly accurate and reliable. From there, it’s easy to build impressions for implants, dentures, or anything else you may require for the sake of your oral hygiene.

Why Is This A Good Thing?

Although old methods for dental treatments are effective, they don’t offer the same level of professionalism that patients love. The intra oral scanner changes everything so that your comfort and humility are at the forefront of your treatment. This means there is no unnecessary gagging during the impression process, or long periods of awkwardness while the material sets.

Instead, you receive:

  • Detailed and comprehensive images that lead to more consistent moulds.
  • A high-quality of restorations as a direct knock-on effect of the Trios 4 intra oral scanner’s digital images.
  • Increased understanding of your oral hygiene and dental anatomy – with a 3D image to look at, it’s easier to see what treatment you require and why.
  • Less time waiting around for results as there is zero impression material involved.

Does It Work With Orthodontic Treatments?


Yes. The Trios 4 intra oral scanner has been developed to highlight how your teeth and jaw will appear after orthodontic treatments. You don’t even have to commit to the service right away. We can take pictures of your mouth, create a mould, and use it to predict the results of invisible braces or six-month smile treatment.

The TRIOS 4  intra oral scanner combines the detection of possible surface and interproximal tooth decay in a single scanner. Its built-in fluorescent technology is aids in the early detection of surface decay/cavities without needing an additional scanning device.

Our patients love this solution because it allows them to invest in treatments for the sake of their wellbeing without any nasty surprises.

What About Safety?

An intra oral scanner i incredibly safe since there is no radiation. Instead, the scanner uses instant-heat technology to optimise automatic scanning.

A State-Of-The-Art Provider Of Digital Dentistry In Surrey


At Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice, we continually research and invest in the latest technologies to ensure a superior level of care. By doing this, we never let our standards slip, providing a proven patient experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

To us, dentistry doesn’t have to be stressful. So, if you’re searching for a Dentist in Guildford, Surrey and haven’t found one, we could be the ideal solution. As well as our CBCT and intra oral scanners, we have trusted and helpful physicians.

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