Smile Makeover in Guildford, Surrey

A smile makeover treatment can include any number of procedures, like dental veneers and teeth whitening, designed to improve a patient’s smile for an enhanced appearance.


Smile Makeover in Guildford, Surrey

Smile Makeover in Guildford, Surrey

Everyone deserves an attractive smile. There’s no better way to indicate an approachable and likeable person than with a great smile. Our dentists at Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice can help a patient achieve such a smile. We know how crucial having an attractive smile is. We also know that not everyone can achieve that kind of smile, but we are willing to go the extra mile and do the impossible to make a patient smile again. The human brain cannot differentiate between a real and a fake smile. Even so, we can help a patient achieve a real smile effortlessly.

 Suppose a patient missed out on getting clear braces or traditional braces, no need to worry because we provide the best smile makeover in Guildford and the surrounding area. Our dentists have enough experience and know the right way to go about performing a smile makeover procedure. But why does a patient need a smile makeover? We insist on patients getting a smile makeover as it can boost confidence. Our smile makeover services can fix dental issues that could lead to adverse outcomes. We can also help a patient create the first impression they always wanted. But, a smile makeover is not for everyone. Before deciding, a patient should call our dentists for consultation and decide on the right treatment.


What Can a Smile Makeover Fix?

 A smile makeover is vital to a patient’s health and overall development. It can fix a patient’s life in various ways such as giving a patient the perfect white teeth for a more attractive, vibrant and youthful look. Besides, our smile makeover services in Guildford can boost a patient’s health like physical health when smiling, which burns calories. Furthermore, we assure you that your mental health will dramatically increase if you have issues with your teeth that are causing mental issues such as lack of happiness, resulting in stress and depression.

 Our smile makeover services will fix:

  • Gum disease which leads to teeth loss
  • Tooth erosion that results from acid attacks on the enamel
  • Crooked or cracked teeth
  • Discoloured or stained teeth as a result of medications, food, tobacco and others
  • Unwanted spaces between patients’ teeth
  • Missing teeth due to accidents or other causes
  • Chipped teeth which might require a crown
  • Impacted teeth stuck against another one
  • Too many teeth in a patient’s mouth

Once our Guildford dentists figure out your specific problem, we can suggest the right treatment for you


Smile Makeover Procedures in Guildford, Surrey

 Our smile makeover procedures in Guildford aren’t just any procedures you can get elsewhere. We offer a completely customised treatment plan to ensure you achieve your dream smile. Our dentists will check your teeth before proceeding with a treatment plan to ensure you get the ideal procedure.

Smile makeover standard processes include:

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 When creating a patient’s smile makeover treatment plan, our dentists use high-end technology to visualise your potential results. If you are tired of always looking into the mirror and seeing yellow, crooked and chipped teeth, what are you waiting for? When you choose Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice, you will get the value out of your money. Please contact our clinic today to book an appointment.


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