What is a Dental Emergency? Explained By Experienced Dentist In Guildford, Surrey

Any dental issue that has the potential to endanger life is considered a real emergency. The only issues that fit under this relatively narrow category are excessive bleeding, a spreading dental infection, and trauma to the mouth that could affect the airway. Anyone experiencing these true emergency symptoms should seek emergency help immediately. 

There are also urgent dental conditions that require treatment as soon as possible to relieve pain and prevent worsening of the problem. These include a wider range of dental issues and do necessitate a visit to emergency dentist in Guildford, Surrey in the very near future.

Although this list is not comprehensive, it will give you a decent indication of which issues need to be resolved right away.

  • Severe toothache, unrelieved by pain killers or antibiotic medication
  • Cracked teeth
  • Trauma that knocks a tooth out of the mouth
  • Trauma that exposes the internal nerve chamber of the tooth
  • A biopsy of potentially cancerous lesion in the mouth
  • Swelling or infection around a wisdom tooth
  • Dental infection of either tooth or gums with localised gum swelling

All of these dental issues are legitimate reasons to seek urgent dental treatment. If you or a loved one have one of these dental problems, call our dental clinic in Guildford right away to schedule a visit.


When Should I Call Emergency Dentist In Guildford, Surrey?

Generally speaking, you should call a dental office if you experience one of the above-mentioned urgent dental issues or if you are unsure of whether your situation necessitates immediate care. Many patients have urgent problems without experiencing severe pain or other symptoms.  When in doubt, call your dentist in Guildford to discuss your issue.  Often, we can determine the urgency of your problem with a phone consultation or with sharing digital photos of the area of concern.

When you do come in to Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice for urgent or even routine dental care, expect some changes in our clinic.  We are following strict protocols to do our part to flatten the curve and prevent COVID-19 transmission. 


Contact Our Dental Practice in Guildford, Surrey

Even if you can’t get there, you can call your dentist for advice and reassurance, so don’t be afraid to do this.  If you are in pain and require an emergency dentist in Guildford/Surrey, it may put your mind at rest to know that Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice offers same-day emergency dental treatments to both registered and non-registered patients.

Any of our patients are welcome to get in touch with us if they experience a dental emergency. By seeking assistance as soon as you can, you can prolong the life of your dental health and keep your smile for years to come. 



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