Eight Cosmetic Treatments You Didn’t Know You Could Get From A Dentist In Guildford, Surrey


Your teeth are an essential part of keeping your face looking structured and aesthetically pleasing. Without your teeth in the right place, you would look very different from how you do right now, and it’s the best reason to look after your teeth. Life does happen, though, and cosmetic dentistry has its place for when your teeth aren’t looking or feeling the same way as usual.

It isn’t all about making your teeth whiter than white (though that has its place!), but about making you feel confident in your smile. With that in mind, here are eight cosmetic dentistry treatments that can put your best smile forward.

Teeth Whitening

Making your teeth appear whiter is better with a dentist in Guildford because bleaching your teeth is done carefully and professionally to make them whiter and healthier to look at. Lightening a few shades make you more confident in your smile.


Sometimes, holes develop in the teeth. When that happens, an amalgam filling is used to fill the gap and keep the rest of the tooth healthy. This is made from mercury, silver, tin, copper, and zinc. Your dentist in Guildford can help you with the type of filling best for your needs.


Everyone knows these as false teeth, and they are put in place of missing natural teeth. You can get partial or full dentures, and they’re custom-made with impressions from your own gums.


A fixed replacement for missing teeth or one missing tooth, a bridge is created from porcelain or precious metal and can be fixed into your mouth. They will look like natural teeth and provide support for surrounding teeth.


This is a cap that will cover your real tooth, fitting to the tooth in the event of breakage, decay or damage. Old teeth will need drilling down so that the crown can be fixed onto it, and it does take time!


New facings for teeth that are damaged or discolored, dental veneers are a perfect solution to teeth that are making you less confident. An impression is taken, and porcelain is fitted over the tooth.


The alternative to removable dentures, implants can be started with titanium screws drilled into the jaw bone, and replacement dental implants are fitted over the top for a permanent option.

Inlays and Onlays

These are a medium used between crowns and fillings. They are added to the teeth at the back of the mouth that are suffering from decay. They’re designed to protect the teeth, whether with porcelain or resin.

Composite Bonding

Similar to fillings, composite bonding is made with white filling for your teeth. They are there to repair a hole in the tooth that was once caused by decay. As they’re white, they will blend in with your tooth and are discreet in the mouth. Whichever filling your dentist recommends depends on your needs and what it’s for in your oral health.

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