How Do You Know If You’re Experiencing A Dental Emergency?


Dental emergencies aren’t pleasant, but they can, unfortunately, happen with surprising regularity. 

But how do you know if you have a dental emergency on your hands? What counts as a dental emergency, and what doesn’t? 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the reasons to call an emergency dentist (and when not to). Take a look at the following. 

You’re Experiencing Unbearable Tooth Pain Or Swelling

Tooth infections can come on rapidly. One minute you’re happily going about your business, the next you’re in crippling pain. 

The majority of tooth pain occurs because of infection. Bacteria slip down the side of the gum and under and around the tooth. The body then tries to fight them off, leading to swelling, throbbing and discomfort. 

Unbearable swelling and pain is a dental emergency, and you should seek help as fast as possible. Often, you’ll need the dentist to clean around the tooth and provide antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria. If you don’t take action quickly, you could risk losing the tooth. 

You’ve Damaged A Tooth (Or It Has Been Knocked Out)

Adult teeth can and do fall out in some circumstances. If you’ve been injured in the facial area and your tooth is damaged, then you need emergency dental care. 

If a section of the tooth has fallen out, try to find it and place it in a glass of milk. If the whole tooth has fallen out, clean it and then see whether it fits back in the hole. If it doesn’t, then don’t worry. Don’t try to force it in, as this can damage the socket and make repairs more difficult. 

Finally, try to avoid handling the tooth too much, as this will spread bacteria. Book a dental appointment as soon as possible. Dentists are often able to use special dental cement (and other methods) to reinsert adult teeth, reversing the damage caused. 

If the person with the knocked-out tooth is a child, don’t try to reinsert the tooth as this can adversely affect the emergence of adult teeth. Instead, bring them to a dental clinic for an appointment. 

If you have chipped a tooth, then this also counts as a dental emergency. Chipped teeth need to be reattached to the tooth as rapidly as possible. 

Sometimes teeth can crack length ways down to the gum, making it painful to eat. Again, these situations require emergency dental care. Dentists use a variety of techniques to repair the tooth and ensure that it remains strong in the future. 

When NOT To Get An Emergency Dental Appointment

Not all situations are a dental emergency. While severe toothache and missing teeth are issues that require immediate attention, things like fillings and routine root canals are not. 

If you feel that you require a general checkup, then it is best to book this through the usual channel. 

Finding an emergency dentist in Surrey is straightforward. With Woodbridge Dental, you can get rapid emergency care. Just pick up the phone, tell us what’s happened, and we’ll find you a dentist as soon as one becomes available.

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