Early detection and treatment of misaligned teeth

Early detection and treatment of misaligned teeth

Misalignment and bad teeth positioning are very common and more than half of the children receive treatment for this problem. The abnormal growth of the teeth can have severe dental consequences and affect teeth aesthetics.  In severe long-term cases, this matter can interfere with normal chewing ability of an individual, cause jaw-related diseases and reduce self-confidence. Because of these problems, early diagnoses and treatment are of paramount importance. The early window of diagnosis and treatment can range from 8 to 14 years of age. If you observe any of the symptoms below in your child then you should consult professional orthodontist to check the status of your child’s teeth:

  • Teeth biting the lip or the inner mouth wall
  • Pain while chewing the food
  • Wobbly and loosened teeth
  • Drinking and breathing difficulty
  • Teeth grinding

Consult the orthodontics at Guilford’s Woodbridgedental clinic and book an appointment to get the your child’s symptoms checked.

Early placement of orthodontics is necessary to:

  • Direct the positioning and help the teeth align properly
  • Help with chewing
  • Give your child a beautiful smile and help improve his/her self-confidence
  • Promote healthy gum and facial symmetry
  • Eliminate the likelihood of teeth loss due to misalignment
  • Help with dental hygiene and cleaning to avoid tooth decay and cavity formation

The type of treatment often depends on the age of the child, type of material used and the complexity of the procedure. Some examples include:

Self-ligating braces:

These are classically used to hold the teeth in place and adjust its position. Brackets that are made from different materials including metals or ceramics are glued to the surface of the teeth. A wire connector then links these brackets to hold them firm. These braces may be visible and because of that people often prefer ceramic brackets with clear wire connector for aesthetic purposes. Parents may also prefer to use lingual orthodontics for their kids. These braces are placed in the inner teeth wall facing the tongue and hence are not easily visible. However, these types of braces are harder to set up and are often more expensive because of their fixing complexity. 


In comparison to mentioned braces, Invisalign are a simpler choice for treating misaligned teeth in children. As the name suggests they are invisible aligners. They do not require timely setup and can be built once a 3D scan of your child teeth and jawbone is recorded. This orthodontics are also not permanent and can be removed from time to time to help for example with easier brushing and cleaning of the teeth.



 Post orthodontics retainers

Most dentists advise with the use of retainers after orthodontics procedure. They come in fixed and unfixed forms. However, it is necessary to use them to avoid any future teeth misalignment and loss.    

Here at Guilford’s Woodbridge dental clinic, we offer a range of tailor-made orthodontics braces and Invisalign that easily fix your child’s misaligned teeth.  Contact us using the email info@woodbridgedental.co.uk or telephone: 01483568584 and we will get back you within 24 hours.


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