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Even though children are the most common orthodontic patients, more adults are looking for a treatment to correct anomalies with their teeth and to perfect their smiles – and that’s where Woodbridge Dental, Guildford comes in.

Why Adults Consider Having Braces Fitted?

The main difference between the treatment for adults and children is their eligibility for NHS and the former’s preference for an aesthetic /cosmetic result. 

People also seek orthodontic treatment for:


  • Upper teeth that protrude
  • Crowded teeth in a narrow jaw
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Asymmetric teeth
  • Upper teeth severely overlapping the lower teeth
  • Upper teeth are inside the lower teeth
  • The front teeth are apart and the back teeth almost meet.
  • An imbalance in the spacing or number of teeth or where teeth are impacted

Different types of braces explained

Most orthodontics treatment will begin with your dentist, referring you for a consultation. There are many different types based on material, design, the position on the teeth, and colour. Treatment can last from three months to two years, and usually, the longer it takes, the more lasting the results. 

Generally, these are the choices available:


  • Fixed brace: Made of stainless steel and fitted on the outside of the teeth
  • Aligner brace: Removable, plastic fitting designed like a mouth-guard over the teeth to move them gradually to the right position. They work with progressive and almost unnoticeable splints being worn until the teeth are brought into line. Invisalign, for example, is comfortable and still effective. They are meant for simpler tooth straightening tasks but are pricier due to the laboratory costs required to make the splints. They are great if appearance is your priority.
  • Ceramic brackets – These are tooth coloured, or white, thereby showing less than metal brackets. The drawbacks include a tendency to discolour over time and break. Additionally, the wire’s sliding action through the slots is not as fluid, so treatment can take longer. They are also quite costly, but if appearance is of paramount concern, then they will appeal.

Apart from braces, some alternatives come with shorter treatment time and drawbacks. They are Veneers or Crowns, which are small porcelain caps fitted onto the teeth to disguise gaps and other imperfections. 

What to expect from an orthodontist or dentist regarding treatment?

A professional dentist or orthodontist will be one who:

  • Ask about your concerns.
  • Outlines different treatment options, risks, benefits, and other possible procedures at the start of the treatment
  • Explains the function of different types of braces.
  • Gives you an estimate of how long the treatment will take.
  • Tells you about the role of retainers at the beginning of treatment, including the likelihood of you needing lifelong wear to keep the teeth in their new place.
  • Discusses the likelihood of the teeth staying in their new places when treatment ends.
  • Gives you some time to decide on treatment
  • Gives you a written treatment plan and cost estimate 
  • Tells you about their orthodontic training and how much experience they have.

Is treatment painful?

There will initially be some discomfort, tenderness, and aching, which should soon resolve. No local anaesthetic will be required for either gluing the braces to the front or cementing metal bands to the back of the teeth. Over-the-counter painkillers should be enough to deal with any pain when it occurs.

What Happens When It’s Time To Remove My Braces?

It takes time for tissues and bone of the moved teeth to adjust to the new positioning, and the risk of relapse is high in the early stages. Retainers might be recommended to avoid relapse, and they can be removable or fixed. Both have their pros and cons, which should be communicated by your doctor.

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