Periodontal Surgery For Gum Disease, Receding Gums And Gummy Smile Correction

Cosmetic gum surgery covers a range of surgical treatments that we can take to help fix a range of issues with gum tissue. From gum disease to genetic factors, there are a host of factors that can lead to gum damage, which can then affect the appearance of your gums. Your cosmetic dentist in Guildford can help with surgery for gum recession, bleeding gums, and gummy smile correction. Here are a few ways we can help.


How Your Cosmetic Dentist In Guildford, Surrey Helps With Periodontal Surgery For Gum Disease, Receding Gums And Gummy Smile Correction?


Treating a gummy smile

The term “gummy smile” refers to when your teeth look small comparatively as a result of overextended gum tissue. The technical term for this is an excessive gingival display and it can happy as a result of long-term wear of the teeth, be it from tooth decay or grinding, as well as factors such as having a long upper jawbone naturally. 


The way that your dentist in Guildford can treat this is through reducing gum tissue as well as unnecessary bones safely to shape the gum line more naturally, making the surface of your teeth more visible. This is done with precision laser work and we will prescribe an antibacterial mouthwash to ensure the proper care of your gums in the weeks after your treatment.

Treating gum recession

Gum recession is another common gum health issue. The gums can recede from the teeth, often due to gum disease and a buildup of tartar beneath the gum line, which can make your teeth appear longer than they should be. Apart from affecting the aesthetic of your smile, it can also expose your roots, making them more sensitive, and increase your risk of tooth loss.


To treat gum recession and restore your smile, we will surgically remove tissue from the roof of your mouth. This tissue is then grafted to the gum line, helping to add more volume to thin gums while reshaping the gum line to offer more of a covering for your teeth. This can improve both the comfort and the appearance of your smile, helping you regain self-confidence.

Treating gum disease

Periodontal surgery for gum disease may be essential in cases of severe gum disease which could leave you at a greater risk of tooth loss, infection, and a host of other issues. Depending on how gum disease affects your gums and teeth, we may use the treatment to treat gum recession.


Other treatments can include what is called flap surgery, which can involve lifting the gums to remove tartar from beneath, cleaning the area, then stitching the gums back in place to fit.

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If you’re worried about the appearance of your gums or are concerned about the damage that might be caused by gum disease, make an appointment for a consultation with your dentist in Guildford today. There are many approaches we can take, not all of them surgical, and we will ensure we find the right approach for you.

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