5 Key Reasons to Replace Your Missing Teeth

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One of the common dental problems facing adults today is missing teeth. Many factors cause this condition. They include congenital defects, trauma, or untreated decay resulting in tooth loss. A Dentist in Guildford can look at your particular case and diagnose its cause.

However, because something is a common phenomenon does not imply that it is an issue to be taken lightly. Dental care is very important for you and your family.

How Common Are Missing Teeth?

Dental research indicates that approximately one in every 20 persons in the UK has hypodontia. This is a hereditary condition that causes missing teeth from birth. In addition, some have experienced tooth loss in accidents. Also, multiple instances of unchecked decay have resulted in tooth loss.

To sum it up, hundreds of thousands of persons in the UK live with at least one missing tooth, if not more.

Luckily, the dentist at Guildford is very experienced and offers missing teeth professional services. They also offer any other corrective action for dental procedures. They pride themselves on performing countless dental implants Guildford with 100% success.

Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth or Teeth

Influence On Self-Esteem

The gap formed from missing teeth can negatively impact your self-confidence, leading to insecurities. People with missing teeth often cover their mouths when chuckling or conversing. They also avoid smiling and other expressions that show their teeth due to insecurities.

The Other Teeth Get Overworked

Every tooth serves a purpose, whether to chew food or communicate properly. Having missing teeth disrupts the remaining teeth’ equilibrium nature, causing the biting pressure to change. As a result, the remaining teeth may be subjected to increased strain, possibly moving position or submitting to wear and tear.

Missing Teeth Can Result to A Change in Bone Structure

A lack of stimulation to the gums and bone caused by a missing tooth or teeth can cause the jawbone to shrink and retract on the gums. The risk of additional tooth loss can be increased if neighboring teeth are also affected.

The diminished jaw bone can also have a detrimental effect on the person’s look older, with sunken cheeks that are more inclined to droop.

You Get to Enjoy Diverse Diets Once More

For many people, missing teeth makes consuming different meals challenging by confining them to specific diets.

You may be able to eat a wide variety of foods again, depending on the method you choose to replace lost teeth.

Offers Long Term Solutions

Different tooth replacement options have varying degrees of longevity. A partial denture may appear to be a cost-effective alternative, but it only lasts five years or more in 40% of cases.

On the other hand, dental implants have a 98 % success rate. They usually span a lifetime since the implant integrates into the jawbone. It also mirrors the function of a real tooth. Implants are effective in 90% and 15 years after they are placed.

Treatment for missing teeth is an investment. You can weigh the investment against the cost of continuous dental treatment to address the numerous issues that missing teeth cause. You will find out that you save in the long run.

There are numerous options for those contemplating replacing missing teeth. Several criteria frequently determine it. These criteria include your existing dental health, the number of missing teeth, and your financial situation.

Some of the treatment options include; partial denture, resin-bonded bridge, conventional bridge, and dental implant.

You will be given the best treatment solution during an appointment with an implant dentist in Guildford.


Replacing a missing tooth is a very important dental operation. It not only improves your appearance and self-confidence but also ensures proper dental health. It also prevents subsequent loss of other teeth. The Implant dentist in Guildford is your best solution for this.

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