Sedation Dentistry: What You Need to Know

Sedation Dentistry In Surrey

Despite what you might think, using sedation doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be rendered unconscious. Many forms of sedation will leave you awake, but in a state of heightened tranquillity. Your memory could be affected and there’s a good chance that you will not have a particularly detailed recollection of events. Your powers of reasoning and sense of coordination may also be diminished, and for that reason, with certain kinds of sedation, you may need to be accompanied to the practice by a friend or family member and be seen home again too. Oral sedatives such as diazepam may be used either on the day of your procedure, or even the night before. Alternatively, at the practice you might take ‘gas and air’ and inhale a sedative, the effects of which can wear off quite quickly. Intravenous sedation is another option. In this scenario the medicine will be injected into your body, normally via your hand. Though you will be lucid enough at the time to converse with your dentist, after it’s over you may not remember the exchange.

Finally, you might opt for a general anaesthetic if it’s appropriate. It’s generally seen as being a last resort and would only be employed if you were genuinely unable to undergo treatment via any of the other methods described above. You will be completely unconscious for the entirety of the procedure and will need someone to keep an eye on you for up to 24 hours after you receive treatment, as you may not quite have all your faculties during that time.




Will Using Sedation Once Mean I’ll Always Need It?
No. It’s still possible for you to overcome your anxiety through the various methods outlined in this article, however, it should be stressed that having got through treatment with the help of sedation may not contribute towards you getting past your anxieties, especially if you don’t remember much of the experience. Having small scale dental treatments that are less intimidating, such as a thorough cleaning, could help, as could talking to and forging a relationship with your dentist. The more familiar you are with their work, the more likely it is you will feel comfortable undergoing treatments. Of course, if you’re unable to overcome your phobia and still require urgent dental work, you may have to fall back on sedation if psychological methods aren’t working.


Do All Dentist Deal with Dental Anxiety?
No. Depending on your particular case you may want to seek out a specialist who has the requisite skills to treat you in the way you desire, whether that be through conversations, hypnosis or sedation. Indeed, you may decide you would rather use Behavioural Cognitive Therapy, in which case your GP may need to refer you somewhere else entirely. If you are set on sedation, you could go to an NHS sedation clinic or a private practice with a background in such work.


I’m Booked For An Appointment But Am Still Nervous. What Can I Do to Prepare?
As discussed above, arming yourself with more knowledge about what will be happening is a good tactic. Simply ask as many questions as you like before hand to ensure that you are completely in the know with regards to your procedure.


I Know I Will Appear Nervous to My Dentist and am Scared I Will Put Them Off. Should I Be Worried?
No. Dental anxiety is very common and even people who don’t feel a need to avoid treatment are often a little nervy when visiting a dentist. Yours will have experience of dealing with patients that aren’t entirely at ease. The best course of action is to speak your dentist before hand and make the situation clear.

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