Tips During a Dental Emergency

Accidents can occur wherever you are and at any time of day. It can surprise you when you have work to complete or on an important day because it is so unpredictable.

Understanding what to do in a dental emergency can make the difference between saving or losing a tooth.

In order to handle emergencies with the best possible conclusion in mind, you should read on to learn some important information and dental emergency recommendations.


Remain calm and do not panic

Panicking only taints your judgement and almost certainly leads to further harm. Keep calm and consider what needs to be done specifically to address the situation.


Know basic first aid

Different situations call for various first aid measures. You should bear the following in mind in case it does:


Tooth fracture caused by trauma

Accidents that result in a hit to the face are likely to fracture some teeth and inflict minor tooth damage. To get rid of bacteria, rinse the mouth with warm salt water. then immediately schedule an emergency dental visit.

If the area is bleeding, apply direct pressure to control it until you are able to reach your emergency dentist in Guildford.


Accidental tooth extraction

With sudden tooth removal, remove debris and try to return the tooth back in its socket. This will help your Guildford emergency dentist preserve the tooth.

But if this is not possible, put the tooth in milk and bring it to the dentist so they can try to put it back.



Although it is not as common as other dental traumas, it can nevertheless be a frightening event. Lockjaw is characterised by difficulty closing the mouth because of tense muscles.

The goal of first aid is to relax the muscles by the application of warm compresses and and taking medications like Ibuprofen.


Have emergency dentist Guildford contact on hand

Lastly, having the a Woodbridge Hill Dental (Guildford emergency dentist) contact on hand will definitely make it easier to handle any dental emergency. For those who require emergency dental care, certain dental clinics stay open after normal business hours.



Woodbridge Hill Dental Practice has a team of quick thinkers and fast workers who will render the best treatment in the event of a dental emergency. Simply call our dental practice in Guildford, surrey and we will make an emergency appointment to accommodate you as soon as you enter our clinic so you do not have to wait, will immediately act on the situation to ensure a safe and effective treatment.


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