Teeth Whitening After Braces

So the wait is over, and the day is finally here; you have been to your dentist in Guildford to have your braces taken off, and you can finally enjoy your beautifully straight smile. It feels amazing to run your tongue along the surface of your smooth, brace-free teeth, and you can celebrate by eating crunchy food, sticky food, and hard foods. What a wonderful feeling. However, this all comes to a crushing feeling of disappointment when you look in the mirror to find that while your smile is now straight and wonderful, there is discolouration to your teeth. 


When you have braces, you’re not able to brush your teeth as well as you would have liked to, as it can be difficult to get the brush around your braces. This means that after all the hard work and the pain of wearing the braces, you’re still left with a smile that you’re finding it difficult to smile about. So, what can you do about it? 


If getting your teeth whitened is something you’re interested in, then after wearing braces, you will need to be more careful as wearing braces can cause a temporary weakness in the teeth, so what are your options, and how can you get that Hollywood smile you’ve been dreaming of?


Take Your Time

After you’ve finished orthodontic treatment, you should allow a one to three-month break before having any teeth whitening treatments. This is because when you have braces, your teeth can lose minerals, so you need to allow them time to replenish these and to get harder and stronger again.  It is also important to give your teeth time for your regular brushing to take the surface staining off naturally, as you might find that you don’t need whitening treatment at all. Simply put, give your mouth and your teeth a break. They have been through a lot and now let them settle before you do anything else as this will also give you the best results when it comes to your next treatment. 


Be Aware Of Home Teeth Whitening Treatments.

There are many teeth whitening treatments available on the high street and online, but it’s important to know that these whitening treatments can actually weaken your teeth and can cause more harm than good. Whitening your teeth should be carried out by a qualified dentist who will check your teeth beforehand to ensure there are no lurking problems that could be exacerbated by whitening. 


Go To A Professional 

As mentioned, a qualified dentist will be able to check your teeth, and it’s important that they do this as there could be cracks, leaking fillings, or exposed roots that you are unaware of. If you use whitening treatment without realising that you have other dental issues, then this could cause you some serious discomfort. A professional dentist will also be able to advise you about whitening treatment and what the outcome will be; for example, a crown or a filling at the front of your mouth might not whiten with the bleaching agents, and in fact, you might prefer to have all of your teeth the same colour rather than one odd one. They can also provide or recommend a safe at-home teeth whitening kit and then monitor your progress professionally and make sure that you are getting the look you want safely.


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