Composite Bonding-Everything You Need to Know

Do you like your smile? Have you ever considered cosmetic options? You probably have heard about composite bonding. The minimal invasive cosmetic dentistry is a process whose popularity is growing worldwide. Composite bonding is a process that has become a feasible option for dentists. Patients are continually considering it due to its reliability and affordability. 

Ultimately, composite bonding can help you boost your confidence in just one appointment. Here is everything you need to know about composite bonding:

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a modern way of restoring teeth, either for cosmetic purposes, or to build the lost tooth structure. It involves bonding white or tooth-colored filling material to the existing teeth to either reshape or improve their color. Various dentists, like this Dentist in Guildford have the capabilities to perform this procedure on your teeth. 

Note, you are suitable for composite bonding regardless of your age. It is a procedure performed on patients of all ages. 

An Overview of the Procedure

The procedure for composite bonding first involves matching the filling to the color of the teeth. Then, an etchant gel is used to clean the teeth, followed by a dental adhesive. The dental adhesive allows the dentist to stick the filling to the tooth. Lastly, the filling is layered in small increments. After which, blue light is shined to solidify it and secure the filling in place. 

The shape of the composite is then polished down and adjusted to a natural look. This is dependent on whether your dentist is pleased with it. 


Composite bonding is affordable. Its cost is dependent on the number of teeth you are having bonded and the intricacy of the treatment. Composite bonding in Guildford is quite affordable. They offer monthly payment plans options that suit every oral health need and budget. You will get your desired smile without breaking the bank! 

Does it Hurt or Cause Damage To Your Teeth?

No, the process is pain-free since it involves just adding composite filling material to your teeth. However, you may need to have your teeth numbed first if you have sensitive teeth. 

Composite bonding does not cause any damage to your teeth since it is a minimal intervention dental treatment. The composite material preserves the existing tooth structure and helps to strengthen it. The filling can be removed, changed, or repaired at any time after its placement. 

How long will it Take and Last?

The procedure takes a varied amount of time. Time taken depends on the number of teeth you’re having bonded and the complexity. You will get your treatment over just one appointment and go home with your new smile! You may sit on the dental chair between 1 to 4 hours but with regular breaks.  

After the procedure, the bonding’s lifespan is dependent on your oral hygiene and lifestyle factors, such as smoking and diet. Remember, nothing in dentistry lasts forever and your fillings may begin to appear dull and stained with time. A visit to a cosmetic dentist in Guilford for repair and polishing can be done after approximately 5-7 years.


Composite bonding is an impressive option for dental treatments. It is a quick solution to getting the perfect smile, especially when you have healthy teeth. It is also very affordable and less invasive. It is suitable for anyone because you will get the desired results in one appointment

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