Why Choose Invisible-Removable Braces?

Why Choose Invisible-Removable Braces?

When you first meet someone, whether in a social or professional setting, many individuals will agree on one of the first physical characteristics that catches their eye. Considering first impressions, a great smile means everything. It’s no wonder why so many individuals today are placing such an emphasis on having straight, pearly whites.

In their perfect teeth endeavors, these same individuals are employing a relatively new method that has gained momentum throughout the dental world. Contrary to conventional dental braces, which utilise metal or acrylic, wires, and elastic bands, removable and invisible aligners have taken hold. A huge advantage that is appealing to many individuals with the need and want for straighter teeth is the associated ability to remove this bracing piece whenever they want.

blankThe advantages do not stop there. Many experts believe that this contemporary method of straightening teeth is actually a lot healthier and more conducive to keeping up with the proper hygiene of the teeth and surrounding gums and soft tissue. Whereas the irritating metal and brackets form of braces (the more conventional method) can cause scraping, poking, and stress on gums. The only way to alleviate these nuances are frequent visits to an orthodontist and unruly amount of rolled-up wax. With a set of invisible, removable braces, however, the annoying irritation can be easily avoided. In addition to this, eating comes to a lot easier for the individual sporting the invisible set of braces. With brackets and wires, food can easily and dangerously become trapped and lead to build-ups that can be extremely difficult to manage and clean.

When using a removable method of alignment, you can take out the invisible tray whenever mealtime rolls around, thus avoiding the food-trapping and potential build-ups. What’s more, keeping your teeth clean and your gums healthy is so much easier with the removable form of braces. Like with eating, the tray can be simply and quickly removed to facilitate a thorough cleaning. With wires and brackets, special brushing and flossing techniques that are often very time-consuming and challenging are the only option an individual has to maintain the same set of clean teeth and healthy gums.

What’s more, the system utilized for invisible, removable braces is simple and sophisticated. During the initial phases of treatment, the teeth are examined by means of 3D photos and impressions. After determining with your dentist what the end product will look like, you will be given a set of invisible braces to wear for approximately the next two weeks. As your teeth make movements towards the desired result, you will change to a more appropriately-fitting set of invisible braces, and will continue to change until you arrive at the desired outcome.

These removable, invisible braces lead to the same result – straight, perfectly aligned teeth. For someone that desires that one in a million smile, this unnoticeable form of teeth alignment is a convenient alternative to cosmetic dentistry and can fit into a variety of lifestyles.


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