Emergency Dental Care: How to Minimise Damage Straight Away

Emergency dental care plans are very important, especially when things go wrong. Luckily, you can take precautions to ensure your dental health is protected in the event of a crisis. You can also have the contacts of an Emergency Dentist In Guildford just in case you might need the services.

Most dental emergencies happen during inappropriate occasions when you least expect it. You may be hurrying to your job in the morning, then you feel a stinging pain in your upper jaw, or during soccer practice, a ball hits your child and loosens the incisor.

Generally, dental damages are typically caused by incidents such as; falls, knocks to the face, chewing into hard food, and athletic accidents.

Signs That You Are Experiencing A Dental Emergency

Sometimes, it is difficult to ascertain if you are experiencing a dental emergency or just experiencing a harmless toothache. The following are signs and symptoms are signals that you are experiencing a dental emergency;

  • Your teeth become loose, chipped, or fractured after taking a blow to the face.
  • Bleeding from your mouth without ceasing
  • You develop a swell in your lower face or around the mouth
  •  You are in excruciating pain

When you begin to experience these signs, contact an Emergency Dentist in Guildford to receive the appropriate medical care before the situation worsens. Seeing a dentist as soon as possible will help prevent further damage.

Even though it is advisable to see a dentist as soon as possible, you can perform procedures to mitigate the damage caused, as discussed below.

Emergency dental care for adults and children: handling dental emergencies the best way

Stopping the bleeding

You may experience bleeding due to injuries to the cheeks, tongue, lips, and gums. The following simple procedure can control the bleeding;

  • Make a moderate gentle warm water and salt solution and wash your mouth with it.
  • Exert pressure on the affected region for about 20 minutes using a clean cloth or a slightly wet tea bag.
  • Examine the wound to see if it has ceased bleeding; if it persists, visit your dentist immediately.


Toothaches are usually caused by bacterial infections and do not respond to pain relievers.

Regularly brush your teeth and floss to remove any lodged food particles. Apply a cold washcloth to your face or the exterior of your mouth.

It is critical to contact your dentist soon to prevent major problems such as tooth removal.

Dislodged tooth

Don’t discard your adult tooth when it falls off; an emergency dentist can repair your tooth if you schedule an appointment immediately.

To retain your teeth’s viability;

  • Handle it cautiously by the crown and avoid touching the root.
  • Place the tooth back into its groove gently. Similarly, take your tooth to the dentist in milk or a salt solution.
  • You can gently hold the tooth between your cheek and gum as a final option. If you’re afraid about swallowing it, seal it in a plastic covering with some of your saliva.

This procedure applies to any chipped or fractured tooth components.

Partially dislodged tooth

Apply a cold washcloth to your cheek or mouth’s exterior in the affected region. Schedule an appointment with the dentist immediately.

Prevention is better than effective care.

Sometimes, you experience unavoidable accidents, but you can follow some procedures to prevent the risk of injuring your mouth;

  • Observe cautious when consuming hard foods such as nuts
  • Do not use your teeth for other activities apart from eating, like opening bottle tops.
  • Look for a protective mouthguard if you engage in aggressive sports like; football, rugby, hockey, bike riding, hockey, and boxing.


Having a dental emergency plan is very important as it prepares you and your family for any uncertainties. However, you can always follow emergency procedures before seeing your professional dentist in Guildford immediately.

Finally, you should know that the best care method is prevention. Perform all the activities and procedures that mitigate the risk of dental injury. This way, you will control most of the dental emergencies. However, emergencies are always unexpected and the Emergency Dentist In Guildford is your best bet.

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