Do I Need a Family Dentist?

Do I Need A Family Dentist In Surrey?

When it comes to choosing a dentist, you may think that the option is cut and dry by choosing a general dentist. However, you also have the option to choose a family dentist in Surrey that will offer a slightly different service. Although mostly the same, the main difference between a general dentist and a family dentist is generalisation of practice. A dentist will usually specialise in one area of dentistry and treat patients who have certain needs. A family dentist will specialise in a broader range of subjects to accommodate for the different ages and needs of the patient. 


If you have children a family dentist is a great idea because they specialize in all ages. You’ll be able to handle all of the family’s dental needs in one place and likely with the same dentist, which can make things a lot easier in terms of time and money. 


Reasons to have a family dentist


Here are some of the top reasons you’ll want to consider a switch to family dentists:


A wide range of services


Family dentists are trained to treat people of all ages, and as such they have a wide array of knowledge and ability in the field. Family dentists will be able to offer general services like tooth whitening, cavity filling and deep cleaning. As well as this they also offer specific services for different age groups, like fitting older patients with dentures and designing retainers for teenagers. It means that no matter what age your children or yourselves are, you can count on your dentist to help you. 


Simplify your life


The stress of having multiple dentists for every member of the family is immense. If you want to make your life much easier, book one day every few months to take every member of the family for their dentist’s appointment. By booking a family ‘dentist day’, you can coordinate time off work and school with little to no trouble. 


Develop personal relationships


Another great benefit of choosing a family dentist is the ability to form personal relationships with them. Over time, a dentist will get to know your family as well as your specific needs. Treatments can be aligned to you much more efficiently and you’ll be able to feel comfortable when with your dentist. Choosing a family dentist is particularly useful if you have a child who is scared to go to the dentist, as over time they will get to know the dentist and feel more secure. 


Spot family problems 


One of the greatest benefits of having a family dentist is to spot inherited issues from parent to child. By being able to examine parent and child, a dentist may be able to predict and spot issues before they become a problem. 


What’s the bottom line?


Family dentists cater to everyone in the family and will simplify your life. Remember, the British Dental Association recommends going to a dentist at least twice a year for checkups. In adulthood, you likely know how important oral hygiene is, but your child will not. By visiting a family dentist, you can ensure that your children are educated about good oral health and the reasons for it, allowing for the development of better habits.


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