Guildford-based cosmetic dentist answers all your questions about crowns and dental veneers

Looking to add bite to your smile? Consider porcelain veneers.

What are porcelain veneers?

Veneers are tailor-made shells of porcelain, personalised to fit individual teeth. They are cosmetic enhancements guaranteed to improve the quality of your smile. Porcelain veneers, as opposed to ceramic, have a more natural appearance, and are less likely to stain.

How can veneers work for me?

  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Correct staining and whiten teeth
  • Straighten crooked alignments
  • Restore chipped or damaged teeth

Are veneers suitable for me?

To ascertain whether veneers are the best course of treatment for you, your dentist will establish whether your teeth are healthy and strong enough to take the shells, whether you have plenty of enamel for the bonding process, and whether the teeth are not too greatly misaligned for this treatment.

How will my veneers be fitted?

Your dentist will use the initial consultation to plan your personalised treatment. Your follow-up appointments will involve your teeth being shaped to fit the veneer, typically shaving enamel from the tooth to prepare it for the new shell. After this, your veneer will be fitted temporarily to your teeth, to get a better idea of the finished fit and colouration. Once this is satisfactory, your teeth will be cleaned and polished before we fit the veneer over them.

How to maintain my veneers, and how long will they last?

Veneers are not permanent and will require eventual replacement. Veneers typically last between seven and fifteen years but may last up to twenty years with dedicated care and individual circumstance.

Aftercare tips for your new smile:

  • Limit consumption of liquids such as tea, coffee, and red wine, to avoid discolouration
  • Avoid biting your fingernails
  • Abstain from contact sports
  • Steer clear of hard foods such as nuts, toast and hard candies


Are damaged teeth keeping your smile shy? Try wearing a crown.

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are personalised “caps” that encase the entirety of the tooth, unlike veneers, which only cover the front of the tooth. They serve to strengthen weakened teeth, improve alignment and return shape and proportion to your smile.

Why might my dentist recommend a crown?

  • In cases of severe cavity, where fillings are not an option
  • To prevent a cracked or weakened tooth fracturing
  • Cosmetic correction following a root canal
  • To cover dental implants
  • To camouflage discolouration or poorly shaped teeth

What is the procedure?

You will be offered two appointments to fit your crown. The initial appointment will encompass most of the procedure. The site will be numbed, and two thirds to three quarters of the tooth will typically be trimmed down to make way for the crown.

To ensure an ideal fit, an impression will be taken of the tooth after the crown is shaped. Your dentist will take a mould of the affected tooth and surrounding area with an impression tray. You will be asked to bite into the material, to avoid later misalignment for biting and chewing. The mould will then be sent to a lab, where your permanent crown is made. This process typically takes between one and two weeks. You will be fitted with a temporary crown in the interim.

Your follow-up appointment will see your permanent crown fitted. The area will again be numbed, and your temporary crown removed. Your dentist will then permanently cement the crown over your tooth, taking care to ensure it is an ideal fit before doing so.

Aftercare tips:

  • Avoid hard foods such as nuts and candies
  • Don’t grind your teeth
  • Immediately after the procedure, shift your chewing away from the crown
  • Maintain dental hygiene

How long will my crown last?

With a perfect fit of your crown, and dedicated care of its upkeep, a dental crown has the potential to last between ten and fifteen years. But in reality they can last much longer than 15 years.

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