How To Choose Your Implant Dentist in Guildford, Surrey

best Implant dentist in Guildford, Surrey

Implant dentist in Guildford, Surrey

Dental implants are a fantastic treatment used for both cosmetic and structural purposes, helping you replace lost teeth while fighting off the risks of issues like jawbone shrinkage that can happen as a result. However, as an invasive and complicated surgical procedure that involves drilling into the jawbone, you need to ensure that you have the right, qualified implant dentist in Guildford ready to carry it out.

 Here, we’re going to look at the signs of an implant dentist you can trust, as well as services you should look for alongside the dental implants procedure itself.


Don’t let price be the only factor

You might think that opting for the lowest price is the savviest move or think the opposite and operate on a principle of paying for quality. However, results should be what you focus on, not price. Ask your implant dentist for proof of their success rate with the procedure and be willing to invest in those who are reliable and practised.


Ensure that they have plenty of experience

As the dental implants procedure is an invasive, surgical one, you want to know you’re in safe hands. Don’t hesitate to ask your dentist in Surrey how many times they have carried out the procedure, how long they have been practising for, or how many times they have done it. Always go with the dentist that shows experience, especially recent experience.


Make sure they’re qualified in bone grafting, too

If your jawbone has shrank as a result of having missing teeth, then your dentist may also need to carry out bone graft treatments to ensure you have a stable jaw bone to support the implant. As such, when looking for a dentist with inexperience in implants, you should also ensure they have experience in bone grafting, too.


Ask about gum grafting, as well

Another treatment that often goes with the dental implants procedure, gum grafting may need to be done if the gum doesn’t fit cleanly around the new implant. You may not need this procedure, but it’s important to make sure your dentist can carry it out if you do.


See that they have the right equipment

Your dentist should be equipped for the procedure. Ask they have microscopes suitable for micro-surgical procedures, ensuring that they have the clarity and precision they need for implants with less pain, trauma, and faster recovery. You should also ask if they have 3D digital planning devices to help model and fit an implant specifically suited for your jawbone structure.


Make sure they have a hygienic, safe work-space

Infections are a risk of any surgery, but that risk can rise dramatically if the dentist’s work-space isn’t kept to the highest standards of hygiene and infection control. Ask about regulations on infection control and what the dentist does to ensure them and take a look around during the consultation to see that it’s sterile and clean as it needs to be.


It never hurts to be too careful when it comes to a procedure as in-depth as a dental implant. However, when you do find a dentist who can reassure you that they provide everything you need, the benefits of a complete bite and a confident smile are more than worth it.

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