When Do You Need to See An Emergency Dentist in Guildford?

When it comes to experiencing any dental pain, you should make sure you are getting the appropriate dental treatment to help you to resolve the pain. 

Giving your dentist in Guildford a call during typical working hours can have you booked in to be seen as soon as the appointment schedule allows. However, what do you do when you have a dental emergency outside of the usual weekly hours? 

Experiencing any dental problems can be worrying but knowing when you need an appointment with an Emergency Dentist in Guildford or when you can self treat until you get an appointment is vital to get you the treatment you need regardless of the time or day.


When to See an Emergency Dentist in Guilford

Bleeding or severe pain is a major indicator that you need to see an emergency dentist in Guildford to assess the pain’s cause and help stop the bleeding. Issues such as these can be life-threatening and need to be addressed quickly.

Losing a tooth or multiple teeth is also a dental emergency, as in many cases, getting the tooth reattached quickly can save it and restore your smile. If you are experiencing loose teeth in general and are worried they might fall out, this is also a major reason to visit a dentist in Guildford as soon as possible. 

If you have any infections in your mouth, including an abscess, this could potentially be life-threatening. Indicators that you have an infection include; redness or swelling in or around your mouth, pain and tenderness, high temperature accompanying any of the mentioned symptoms, knots on the gums or swollen gums.

Always consult your regular dentist before making an emergency appointment. If you need to call outside of working hours, you may find they will direct you to the emergency dentist covering your area at that time. 

Always tell the dental staff exactly what issues you are experiencing to treat you quickly and appropriately. 

As not all dental issues are emergencies, then in some cases, it won’t do you any further harm to wait until your dentist can see you without using emergency services. 


What Issues Are Not Considered Dental Emergencies? 

If you can take proper care of yourself and aren’t experiencing extreme pain, bleeding or swelling, then chances are this isn’t a life-threatening issue, and you can wait a few days for treatment. 

A cracked or chipped tooth, for example, isn’t classed as an emergency unless sharp fragments have been left in your mouth or it is the result of a trauma. 

Toothache is not usually considered a dental emergency on its own

Tooth pain will usually resolve with a check-up from your dentist in Guildford and over the counter pain relief. If this pain is accompanied by bleeding or swelling in the face and or gums along with a high temperature, then this will constitute an emergency, but pain on its own can be left until you can get an appointment 

A lost filling or crown, as uncomfortable as it might be, isn’t a dental emergency. If you lose a filling, try using sugar-free gum to plug the hole until you can see your dentist. You can buy over the counter temporary fixtures for lost crowns to hold them in place until your dentist can repair them. 

Contact your dentist in Guildford to make an appointment should you have any dental concerns.


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