Three Cosmetic Dental Procedures From Guildford Top Cosmetic Dentist to Improve Your Smile in 2021


Confidence in your smile can truly be life-changing. The feeling that you don’t have to hide or worry about what people see can boost your ability to talk, laugh, and enjoy life freely. As your cosmetic dentist in Guildford, Surrey, Woodbridge Dental offers a range of procedures that can help improve your smile and help you achieve the confidence that you deserve. Take a read below to see which might suit your needs best.


Dental Veneers

Veneers are a convenient and highly versatile option that can help correct and cover a wide range of cosmetic issues with your teeth. It involves putting in place a very thin layer of porcelain that, with a little preparatory work, fits over your teeth and bonds in place, immediately improving their appearance. Veneers are custom designed to match your other teeth and are able to change the shape, size, colour, and even the symmetry of your teeth and smile.

Stain-resistant and long-lasting, they can help you make an immediate change to your smile, with veneers able to be placed over one tooth alone, or over multiple as your needs demand.


Dental Implants

These implants are connected directly to the jaw, where your teeth would have once been, so they’re a great solution for those who are missing one or more teeth. For each implant, we can attach one or multiple artificial teeth, designed to fit your jaw and match the look at your existing teeth to create an appearance as natural as possible. Furthermore, they’re effective protection against structural changes, such as jaw shrinkage, that can occur as a result of tooth loss.

Dental implants don’t require any further care than your natural teeth do. Your regular routine of brushing after every meal, flossing every morning and night, and attending regular check-ups and cleanings is enough to ensure you take care of them so they can take care of you.


Teeth Whitening

A very common cosmetic dentistry treatment, this procedure is quick, simple, and starts to take effect immediately. We can whiten your teeth in the office or provide a tooth whitening kit for you to use at home, though often our treatments involve using both. Having your tooth whitening overseen and instructed by a professional ensures more even, reliable results than using the kits commonly found in stores.

Our teeth whitening services are cost-effective but add extra value thanks to the fact that they’re safer, more comfortable, and likely to last much longer than any store-bought alternative. Rather than spending your money on a whitening that doesn’t last or isn’t as effective as you hoped, we can help you get it right the first time.


We offer all types of cosmetic dentistry procedures

If you want to improve your smile this year, but you don’t know which step to take first, don’t hesitate to get in touch and make an appointment with Woodbridge Dental. We can provide insightful consultations, reliable work, and a reasonable cosmetic dentistry cost so you don’t have to feel like a better smile is out of reach.

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